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Is there anything that can make a beautiful town filled with beautiful beaches, craft beer, and gorgeous people better?


By Zeus Beard there is! Hockey can!

August 2nd, 3rd, & 4th, 2024!

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As local hockey players ourselves, we felt that San Diego needed a little more hockey love.


Our goal with this tournament is to give back to the local hockey community, support several nonprofit organizations, but most importantly, place San Diego on the hockey map.


We want you to have one of the best ice hockey experiences you can have in a beautiful beach town. Nothing better than getting on the ice and finishing the day at the beach. Will you be part of this experience extraordinaire?! We sure hope so.

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Located in Mira Mesa California, SDIA has been the host for many figure skating and ice hockey programs since 1997. SDIA has engaged in projects like introducing a water reclamation system and installing solar panels to keep the facility ecologically responsible.

Programs like the Special Skaters and community fundraisers have kept SDIA socially responsible.


Thanks for asking!

11048 Ice Skate Pl
San Diego, CA, 92126

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(619) 587-1294

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