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Classy San Diego Hockey Tourney consists of:

  • 30 teams

    • 4 divisions – Gaslamp (Rookie), PB (Beginner), Balboa (Intermediate), Coronado (Advanced).

    • 7- 10 players per team max – 9 Skaters & 1 Goalie

      • 6 skaters recommended!

    • 3 vs 3 games

    • 2 games at a time

    • 30-minute games

    • Half Ice

    • All teams guaranteed to play 3 games not including playoffs/championship games.

Registration and pricing


  • Early bird pricing (FIRST 5 TEAMS TO REGISTER)

    • Normal registration

      • $1,600 for team fee

    • VIP Package

      • $1,750 for team fee

      • Included:

        • Classy Tourney gift and round of beer delivered to you after each game by our Classy Beauts.

  • Normal Team registration

    • $1,700 for team fee

    • VIP Package

      • $1,850 for team fee

      • Included:

        • Classy Tourney gift and round of beer delivered to you after each game by our Classy Beauts.

Sponsor and Vendors

  • For inquiries regarding sponsorship, becoming an official vendor, and pricing - please email us at – – With subject line “Vendor Inquiry”


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Divisions are set up identically. Teams will play round robin with other teams within their division. A win will award the winning team with 3 points, a tie will award both teams with 1 point, and a loss will be awarded with 0 points. All teams will play at least one, 30-minute game per day in their division. After their last scheduled guaranteed game, the top teams with the most points from each division will move on to the finals bracket. In the event there is a tie in points, the team with the least goals against will advance. If it is still tied, the teams will have a shootout which will include 3 players per team. The team with the most goals wins. A coin will be flipped to decide which team shoots first.



Each game will be supervised by one Off-Ice Scorekeeper and one On-Ice Representative. On-Ice Referees and Off-Ice representatives are there to keep score, look for any violation of the tourney rules, call appropriate penalties, manage point addition and deductions, and assist during each game. Off-Ice Scorekeepers will be the ones to check in with before and after each game. On-Ice Representatives are there for rule regulation, puck retrieval, provide new pucks, and assist Off-Ice Scorekeepers. Both Off-Ice and On-Ice Representatives will call infractions as necessary. We are all here to have fun and grow our hockey family, so we are trusting you to play each game with integrity and honesty, just go out there and have some fun! If you cause any troubles to the tourney, representatives, arena, or at the Players’ Pit, you will be kicked out. That is NOT classy and that is NOT what we are here for. This is a classy tourney ;) – For more information, please visit our Rules section.


Gaslamp (Rookie)

This Division is for those adult players who just started playing ice hockey league and are looking to take their skills to the next level! This is the lowest division therefore it's meant for fun and some competition. If you have more than 1-2 years experience... this is not a division for you. 

PB - (Beginner)

This division is for those adult players who may have 2+ years of experience playing ice hockey league. Like some of us, we picked up later in our years. This is also the league for players in “Nickel”, “Iron”, “D”, or “E” adult leagues. This is for a more casual, slower paced, but fun play!

Balboa - (Intermediate)

This division is for those adult players who may have 3-7 years of experience playing hockey. Think of this league as your traditional “Bronze” or “C” adult leagues. This is a much faster and competitive type of play. Players can range from former high school players, “played as a kid” players, or “picked it up later in life” players. Competitive but lots of fun.

Coronado - (Advanced)

This division is for those adult players who have played their entire lives, anywhere from college players, “Silver”, “Gold”, “A” and “B” Leagues. Maybe some former professional experience or current NHL/AHL Players?! – (trust me they won’t show up). This is definitely a much faster and higher skilled type of play.


Prizes & Awards!


First Place Winners from each division will be awarded with a trophy to take back home as well as medals for each player. First Place Winners will also be displayed on our website and will receive prizes from our sponsors and vendors! Champions will also receive a discount on their  registration for the following year!


Second Place!

Second Place teams will be awarded with medals to take back home along with some prizes from our vendors.


Playoff & Placement

  • Seed placements per division are determined by:
    1. Record Points (W = 3 POINTS, TIE = 1 POINT, L= 0 POINTS)
    2. Should there be a tie in points, goal differential will be the deciding factor.

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