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Free Agents Sign Up Here!

Can't find a team but still want to play the Classy SD Hockey Tourney?!

Below you can enter your information to have our crew place you in a team!

*Keep in mind that we will try our best to place you in a team, however this does not guarantee you will be placed in one.* 

*Once placed in a team, you will be invoiced individually for your spot.* 

*Payments must be completed within 7 days of invoice, otherwise you can lose your spot*

*All payments are final, should you not attend or cancel last minute, you will forfeit your registration fee*

Free Agent Signup

Thanks for registering to our tourney. See you there!

Classy SD Tourney 2021 - Sunday Batch 1 Photos (11 of 87).jpg
Classy SD Tourney 2021 - Saturday Batch 1 (80 of 80).jpg

Go Puck Yourself San Diego

Classy SD Hockey Tourney

August 2nd, 3rd, & 4th, 2024

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